Friday, July 29, 2011

Pickle - Watermelon Rind

We had a potluck in a friend’s house, so I was searching recipes to see what to cook and found watermelon rind pickles. I was tempted to try it as I still have watermelon in the fridge. The pickles are crunchy. Besides pickles, I cooked vegetarian ‘Loh Mai Kai’ (sticky rice).

Ingredients – Makes your own prefer serving

  • 1/8 rind of whole watermelon, without skin
  • ½ tsp salt
  • 1-2 tsp sugar
  • 1-2 tsp vinegar
  • ¼-1 tsp ground fresh chili paste (sambal olek)


  1. Remove the outer layer of skin from the rind. Slice the rind and add salt in a bowl, stir well and marinate for half hour.
  2. Wash and drain the rind, then add in sugar, vinegar and chili paste. Stir well and marinate for over an hour. Then serve.


材料 - 可做随喜份量

  • 1/8粒 西瓜白,弃外皮
  • ½ 茶匙
  • 1-2茶匙
  • 1-2茶匙
  • ¼-1茶匙 辣椒(sambal


  1. 西瓜白弃外皮后切小段,放在碗,加上盐搅拌,腌半小时。
  2. 冲洗白西瓜,然后加上糖、醋和辣椒,搅拌,腌至少1小时。即食。

Monday, July 4, 2011

Rice - Pulut Durian (Sticky Rice with Durian)

During durian season, I found hawkers selling durian with pulut (sweet rice/sticky rice/glutinous rice) in Penang’s night market.

I bought a frozen Thai durian, sometimes it will depend on luck. Why? Because sometimes the taste of Thai durian is okay, but sometimes the fruit is not ripe enough. This time I got one that had no taste at all.

Normally you can smell the durian when you open the fridge, but this one really didn’t have any smell!

Ingredients – Makes 4-5 serving

  • A fresh durian
  • 150 g glutinous rice
  • 80 g thick coconut milk with a pinch of salt


  1. Soak the glutinous rice in water over night. Drain water and add coconut milk to the glutinous rice.
  2. Steam for about half hour or until cooked. Let the rice cool, and top with a little coconut milk. Serve with durian.

榴连季节时,我看到槟城Pasar Malam(夜市)有卖榴连糯米椰浆饭的食档。



材料 - 可做 4-5份量

  • 1 榴连
  • 150克 糯米
  • 80 浓椰浆 拌 1


  1. 糯米浸水隔夜。倒干水,加入浓椰浆
  2. 蒸约半小时或至熟。待糯米饭冷后,加上一点椰浆及配榴连即食。

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Egg - Homemade Salted Egg

We are Teochew. I remember when we were kids, my mom cooked rice porridge every morning. I didn’t know whether it was because we were poor, or because she wanted to cook something easy and simple. Sometimes our meal was plain rice porridge with salted egg or canned vegetables. I like salted egg yolk, because salted egg white is always very salty. But if I just took the salted egg yolk and left the salted egg white on the table, my parents would scold me. I just might have half a piece of salted egg for a meal.

Now, I can do homemade salted chicken eggs and I have one and half pieces for a meal.

Why chicken eggs, and not duck eggs? Because the price for duck egg is $0.90/each, but chicken eggs are $0.90/dozen!

An easy way to boil the egg is using a rice cooker, instead of boiling water on the stove. You don’t need to guess when the egg is done; just cook the egg in a rice cooker until the button turns off, then it is done. When I cut the salted egg, the yellow liquid came out. I thought I hadn’t cooked it enough. No, it is the salted egg yolk’s oil.

I cooked rice porridge for a meal, served with salted egg and bak hu (pork floss)… recalling a past memory!

Ingredients – Makes your own prefer serving

  • 8 large eggs
  • 1 Tbsp ShaoHsing wine (or white wine)
  • 2-3 Tbsp kosher salt or table salt


  1. Dip egg in wine in a little bowl, roll the egg to wet it all over. Next, roll the egg in salt in a small bowl, coating it well. Put the egg in a container. Continue the process with the rest of the egg. If there is salt left over, sprinkle it on the eggs in the container.
  2. Close the container tightly, and allow 20-30 days to mature (I checked after 25 days. I cooked 2 eggs and they were matured enough.)
  3. Fold 1-2 paper towels and soak with water until the water drips out. Put the wet paper towel in the bowl of a rice cooker, and place the eggs on it. Press cook button, and cook until the button turns off.
  4. Cut the hard-boiled salted egg in half, dig egg out from shell with a spoon, then serve.






材料 - 可做随喜份量

  • 8粒 蛋
  • 1 汤匙 绍兴酒(或白
  • 2-3 汤匙


  1. 绍兴酒装在小碗,将蛋全沾上酒。盐放在小碗,沾湿了的蛋沾上盐,然后放进盒或罐。重覆至做完。若盐有余,可撒在盒装内的蛋。
  2. 盖密盒子,让蛋腌至20-30天(25天后我煮两粒查看,都恰好)。
  3. 1-2张厨纸,折及弄湿,湿到有水滴下的湿度。将湿厨纸放在饭锅上,然后蛋放在纸上。按上煮制,至到煮饭锅跳制煮熟。
  4. 用刀切开蛋成半,用匙挖出蛋壳。即食。