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Dessert - Ice Kacang

Every Malaysian would know about ice kacang, also called “ABC”; it is an ice dessert.

A long time ago, I saw the hawker make the ice kacang. I was a little kid but it impressed me because ice kacang is most kids’ favorite. We need to wait for the hawker to make ice kacang when we buy one, so we watched how he did it. First, he took an ice cube the size of a brick from a box. The ice was covered by sawdust (not sure it was sawdust or something else, if someone knows please correct me) to keep the ice from melting fast. He used his other hand to take a bowl of water to clean up the ice. He then placed the ice on the shaving board, holding it stable with a board full of needles stuck on top of the ice, and shaved the ice by hand. I saw the shaved ice dropping down slowly from the shaver. In fact, I remember during my childhood I could only afford to buy s’ng wan (ice ball, similar to a snow cone), which was cheaper than buying ice kacang. S’ng wan is a ball of shaved ice made by hand, with red colored syrup poured on it. Later, we saw an ice shaver machine. The ice was placed between a press and shaver, and it had a hand wheel to turn the ice. I saw the shaved ice dropping down from the shaver, so we didn’t have to wait so long to get ice kacang. Then later, came the electric ice shaver; it was fast to make a bowl of ice kacang after you ordered.

Ah… after talking about childhood memories of ice kacang, I really want to have ice kacang now. I don’t have an ice shaver, so ice cream kacang is better than nothing.

Ingredients for Ice Cream Kacang - Makes 1 serving

  • 2-3 scoops ice cream
  • Some kidney beans, cooked
  • A little cream style corn
  • Some palm seeds


Scoop the ice cream in a small bowl, add in the cream corn, kidney beans and palm seeds. Serve before the ice cream melts.

Ingredients for Ice Kacang - Makes 1 serving

  • A bowl of shaved ice
  • Some kidney beans, cooked
  • A little cream style corn
  • Some palm seeds
  • Some agar-agar (jelly), diced
  • Some peanuts
  • 1 scoop ice cream (optional)
  • 1-2 Tbsp flavored syrup
  • 2 Tbsp evaporated milk


Put kidney beans, cream corn, palm seeds, jelly and peanuts in a small bowl. Add shaved ice, and then syrup, drizzle with evaporated milk. Add the ice cream. Serve before the ice melts.

马来西亚无人不晓ice kacang(红豆冰)/ABC,它是一种冰甜品。

很久以前我见过卖ice kacang的人的做法,那时候我很小,但却印象深刻,因那时候的小食不多,ice kacang是大多小孩喜爱的,去买ice kacang时就站在那等,所以当然就是看着卖ice kacang的人做ice kacang给我,他开始从一个箱中拿出一块冰如砖块般大小,冰在箱里是沾着木锯屑(不确定是否木锯屑,如有人知道请指正)以防冰快速溶解,他的另一只手取了一瓢水,冲洗掉冰块上的木锯屑,接着把冰块放在一刨刀上,上端手握一种铁钉板,铁钉插着冰块以稳住在刨刀上,就是这样用手推刨出沙冰,看着沙冰从刨刀下慢慢飘落下来。其实在童年,那时只买得起比较便宜的s’ng wan(冰丸/冰球),就是双手将沙冰弄成圆团,淋上红糖水。再后来,渐渐的看到一种刨冰器,冰块被夹住在刨刀上,然后用手转轮的转动冰块,沙冰就从刨刀下飘落下来,当然等买ice kacang的速度就不用太久了。再后来,是用电刨冰机器了,很快的一碗ice kacang就会在你面前。

说了ice kacang的童年回忆,真的很想吃ice kacang咧,但我没刨冰器,做ice cream kacang也好过没。

Ice Cream Kacang 材料 - 1人份量

  • 2-3 雪糕
  • 少许红腰豆
  • 少许 罐头玉米浆
  • 少许 attap(亚答)籽



Ice Kacang(红豆冰)材料 - 1人份量

  • 1 沙冰
  • 少许 熟红腰豆
  • 少许 罐头玉米浆
  • 少许 attap(亚答)籽
  • 少许 jelly/菜,切小块
  • 少许 炒熟花生
  • 1 雪糕(可有可无)
  • 1-2汤匙 红糖水
  • 2汤匙 罐头奶水



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