Thursday, April 2, 2009

Noodles - Asam Laksa

Penang Asam Laksa (Noodle) is very popular. I miss Asam Laksa very much, which my sister-in-law cooks.

I couldn’t find a good Asam Laksa paste in my area. However, my friend in New York sent me ‘CHANHONG’ brand Asam Laksa sauce before, and the taste is good. So I bought a few packs when I was in New York.

Ingredients – Makes 3 servings

· 1 pack ‘CHANHONG’ Asam Laksa sauce which makes 3 servings

· 15 oz or 1 pack fresh Vietnamese noodles, cooked

· 5 cups water

· 1 fish fillet, sliced fine

· Some lettuce, cut into strips

· Some cucumber, cut into strips or grated

· Some pineapple, cut into strips

· Some onion, sliced fine

· Some mint leaves

· A little belacan (shrimp paste)

· 1-2 fresh chili (optional), cut


1. Prepare 3 serving bowls with noodles, lettuce, cucumber, pineapple, onion and mint leaves, then put aside.

2. Add ‘CHANHONG’ Asam Laksa sauce and fish to a pot of boiling water. After the fish is cooked and the soup comes to a boil, pour the hot soup with fish into the bowls of noodles, and garnish belacan and chili. Serve while it is still warm.

槟城的Asam Laksa(亚叻沙)很著名,我尤其想念我三嫂煮的Asam Laksa

我这里找不到好吃的Asam Laksa酱,而我朋友在纽约时曾寄给我‘CHANHONG’牌子的Asam Laksa酱,味道很好,当然我去纽约时就买了几包回来。

材料 - 3人份量

  • 1包是3人份量的‘CHANHONG’牌子的Asam Laksa
  • 1 Vietnamese鲜粉条,煮热
  • 5
  • 1 鱼片,切薄细块
  • 少许 生菜,切段
  • 少许 黄瓜,切丝
  • 少许 凤梨,切丝
  • 少许 洋葱,切细段
  • 少许 薄荷叶
  • 少许 虾膏
  • 1-2 辣椒(可有可无),切段


1. 将粉条、生菜、黄瓜丝、凤梨丝洋葱和薄荷叶分成三份量在碗,放一旁。

2. 加水在锅并放在热炉煮沸,加入酱料和鱼。鱼煮熟及汤已滚沸后,舀鱼汤於面碗。加上虾膏及撒上辣椒。稍热食用。

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